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Fiery Red Agate Bracelet

  • This vivacious and fiery healing crystal has a powerful connection with the lower energy centers, especially the root chakra and sacral chakra. However, its multifaceted vibration can also balance chakras, particularly your solar plexus, heart chakra, and third eye.

    The red agate crystal has been used for centuries as a protection token against negative energies while instilling its wearer with self-confidence and positive vibes. Known as the "warrior's stone," it is said to light the fire in your heart and motivate you to pursue what you want. 

    It's a great support stone for artists and writers as it helps boost creativity. Crystal experts also claim red agate's energy can have a very positive effect on cooks, chefs, and bakers, as it protects them from accidents in the kitchen. It also provides educators and recreational workers with emotional endurance and patience.

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