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Calming Sleep Bracelet

  • This bracelet features three crystal gemstones to aid with sleep issues and insomnia.


    Aids in peaceful sleep and enhances our dream world, encouraging positive happy dreams. Lapis brings a feeling of deep peace


    Helps bring restful sleep. Amethyst is the best stone for promoting peaceful deep sleep, helps you fall asleep quickly and stops you waking up throughout the night due to the fact it is a natural sedative


    Promotes peaceful sleep, calming and soothing the body and mind.

    When the beautiful Sodalite blue crystal is paired with the purple hues of the Amethyst, you get to enhance your spiritual capabilities. Dubbed as the Stone of Spirituality, the Amethyst also helps calm the mind and awaken your soul. It helps you to be connected to the divine realm, opening up your psychic capabilities and lifting you to the next level of spiritual development.

    By using both stones during your meditation or spiritual activities, you get to double and even triple your psychic capabilities by powering both your third eye and crown chakra.

    Sodalite with its beautiful blue rays helps in calming your mind and silencing those chaotic and negative thoughts that circle your mind and keeps you distracted. As it calms your mind with its blue hues, its white streaks align you to your higher self, so you can move forward on your psychic journey.

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